Chocolate molds

Chocolate molds


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Max Riner AG continuously upgrades their chocolate mold design and production technologies to stay in step with the limitless creativity of our customers. Thanks to the cutting edge technology Max Riner AG is able to produce ever more complex and precise molds.

Attractive products are no longer enough for today's market. The consumer's imagination needs to be captured with original and unique ideas. The expertise at Max Riner AG allows you to attract attention to your product through creative shapes and unusual textures.

Max Riner AG has developed a unique ability to construct chocolate molds. They have perfected both technology and design. Thanks to their exclusive focus on the confectionery industry, they are able to provide a complete range of molds for the industrial production of chocolate.

  Book Mold
  Cold Stamp

Book molds

Book molds require a very precise manufacturing process. The surface must
be perfectly plane, so that they have a perfect fit.

Cold stamps

molds for cold-stamp-processes also have to be very precise. The tolerances are very important over the whole mold and especially for the pitch between the cavities. Each mold of a mold set for the cold-stamp-process will be measured and registered in our quality database.

Silicone molds

  •   Silicone Molds
    Silicone molds are used in the confectionery, freezing and pharmaceutical industries. Anywhere the product has properties, which include a stiffness or strength that precludes shaping in rigid molds, i.e. product masses that do not undergo shrinkage during setting.
  • Over the years Max Riner AG has built experience in the construction and production of silicone molds. They are now able to produce a wide variety of shapes and sizes.
  • The silicone mass is a secret. The formula has proven to be excellent. It must be resistant over a wide temperature range, while remaining flexible and malleable. Both the silicone material and the machining method have a great influence on the final quality. Mastery of the production process for the silicone elements requires a special technical know-how.
  Tablet Molds


Max Riner AG can produce a wide range of tablets designed for many types of molding lines.


Modern or classic design - everything is possible.


  • Leading-edge tool making technology
  • New standards in quality and execution
  • High-precision injection molding


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