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TecnoSWeet's Molding Division offers:

Design and construction to the latest standards in terms of sanitation, low maintenance, and low utility consumption. Machines are designed for easy change-over, and provide great access for cleaning and maintenance. The machine frame is separated in two levels by a stainless steel work surface. The lower section houses all the utilities, is constructed in tubular steel, and has floor levelling supports. The upper section houses all process stations, and all mold motion groups, constructed in stainless steel and/or anodized aluminium.

High level of mechanical and electrical modularity thanks to:

  • Patent pending "chain-less" motion of the molds
  • Electrical cabinet "on board" of each frame module
  • Pneumatic groups "on board" of each frame module

Drastic reduction of installation time thanks to true modular design and "Plug-in" frame module assembly. Transparent safety guard door system for optimal access.

Standard mold dimensions: L=500/790/1000 x W= 205/405 mm

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