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Bean Sterilizer Model KS


Thin Film Reactor


The Lehmann KS Cocoa Bean Sterilizer has a capacity of one to eight tons per hour and is suitable for cocoa beans and cocoa nibs as well as for nuts. The warm product is fed directly from the cocoa bean or nut roaster to the reactor for a short but efficient steam pressurization treatment of 1.5 - 2.5 bar with a minimum moisture intake and maximum reduction of bacteria below 500 cfu per gram. A downstream air flow dryer removes the remaining humidity from the cocoa beans or nuts.

Lehmann aslo offers a cocoa bean Alkalizer Model KS for cocoa nibs. It can manage high degrees of alkalizing and can obtain different color shades in the cocoa powder.

The Thin Film Reactor KFB removes moisture, acids, volatile substances and negative flavorings from chocolate masses. It can be optionally upgraded to include sterilization of the cocoa mass.




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