Wiese Continuous Bucket Conveyors


WIESE Continuous Bucket Conveyors allow horizontal-vertical-horizontal bucket conveying in single elevators, eliminating transfer points and thus reducing product damage and abrasion.

For many decades the continuous bucket conveyor has been operational in various industries, conveying abrasive or soft materials, flakes or powder, hot or frozen, humid or aggressive products. The product is not scooped but gently fed in by metering equipment. The number of inlets is unlimited.

The filled continuous buckets pass any infeed as a interconnected and closed belt, sealed by either brushes or silicone flaps, allowing for a gentle, clean and spill-free operation.

Because of the stability of interconnected continuous buckets, higher conveying belt speeds are possible. This allows for smaller casing sizes over standard elevators.

WIESE continuous bucket conveyors require little maintenance and are extremely reliable which translates in less downtime and higher production capacity.


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