Wiese Pendulum Bucket Conveyor

  pendulum bucket
Wiese Pendulum Bucket 

The alternative to the Continuous Bucket Conveyor is the Pendulum Bucket Conveyor. The line layout possibilities are numerous. In addition to the standard Z- and C-shapes, special designs like O- or T-shapes are also available. The pendulum bucket conveyor can be designed to lift or lower product.

Infeeds and outlets can be placed at random at almost any location in the pendulum bucket conveying line. They can be pneumatically or electrically actuated with feedback signals.

The Pendulum Bucket Conveyor has a wide spread use in the food industry, mainly because of the gentle handling of the product and the easy cleaning of the pendulum bucket conveyor. The pendulum buckets are installed free swinging and can be mounted or taken out at any location without tools. This gives the user the ability to clean the pendulum buckets outside of the casing and avoid moisture build up. The pendulum buckets always hang upright and close horizontally by means of overlapping flanges to avoid product spills. Wiese pendulum buckets meet FDA standards.

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